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CULTURE - How our city begun

History of Imperatriz

The founding of Imperatriz started to be drawn in the
end of Century XVI and the beginning
of century XVII, with the initiative of the
bandeirantes, departing from São Paulo, they
searched in the confines of the North, for the wealth,
the unknown and the adventure.

While the explorers sailed the river in search of the
estuary, parallel governmental and/or
religious founders went up the river, trying to reach
its spring origins. Of the carried through
river entrances, the one that most interested them was
the one navigated in the year of 1658
for the Jesuits Priest Manoel Nunes and Padre
Francisco Veloso, who would have been the
first ones to use the small farm where today is

The founding of Imperatriz was on 16 of July 1852,
three years after the departure of the
expedition that left the port of Belém, on 26 of June
1849. Frei Manoel Procópio of the
Heart of Maria, Chaplain of the expedition, was the
founder of the population, that received
initially the name official from Military Colony of
Tereza Saint of the Tocantins. After four
years, on 27 of August 1856, the law n.º 398 created
the Village of Imperatriz, name given
in homage to empress Tereza Cristina.
With the time, its name was simplified for the
population, having previous documents to the
Abolition where the village is mentioned simply as
Imperatriz. Its rise to the category of city
is dated on 22 of April 1924, in the government
Godofredo Viana (Law n.º 1,179).

Until the year of 1958, when the construction of the
highway Belém Brasilia was initiated,
the city of Imperatriz and its headquarters had
remained geographically and politically distant
from São Luís, thus a slow economic and population
growth resulted. From 1960 on,
however, Imperatriz experienced accelerated
development, and already in the decade of the
70s, she was considered the city most progressive of
the country, receiving continental
migration from the most diverse origins.

Today, for force of its performance in the sectors of
agriculture, cattle, vegetable processing,
commerce, industry and services, Imperatriz occupies
the position of a greater economic
center, political, cultural and population of the
State, and the main one of the region that
aggregates the southwest of the Maranhão, north of the
Tocantins and south of Pará.

The history and the development of Imperatriz had
given diverse headings to it, between
them of "Princess of the Tocantins", "Portal of the
Amazônia", "Brazilian Capital of Energy"
and "Metropolis of the National Integration".
Imperatriz is alive!

I would like to give a very special thanks to Charles Goodman from Miami, FL and also to Dayana A. Lima for the translation of city history. Without their help I would not be able to get this done. THANKS A LOT!

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